Terms and Conditions of the Computing Device Agreement: 

For the 2020-21 school year, all parents of students in Grades K through 8 are encouraged to purchase a Device Protection Plan to help cover costs if the device is accidentally broken or damaged. The cost of the Protection Plan is $20 annually per device, covers two accidental damages, and is nonrefundable. While there is no cost for the use of the iPad or Chromebook, it is vital that each iPad and Chromebook issued to a student be maintained and handled in a responsible way. If the Protection Plan is not taken, as per District Policy 7523, you are responsible to pay for the cost of the repair(s), which may also be the full replacement cost depending upon the scope of the damage. The Protection Plan safeguards you against accidental damage, such as drops, falls and/or other collisions. A Chromebook replacement $230 and an iPad replacement is $299.


Below shows the most common damages and the associated repair costs:


 Common Damages Costs of Repair


Broken/Cracked LCD Screen                     $61

Broken or Cracked Outer Casing               $73

Broken Keyboard or Missing Keys             $71

Broken or Cracked LCD Bezel                   $11

Damaged or Unusable Protective Case     $22

Broken/Lost Charger                                   $30


The Protection Plan does not cover misuse, neglect or intentional damage. Students will be responsible for the entire cost of repairs or replacement to computing devices damaged through student misuse, neglect, intentional damage or loss. In case of theft, an official police report will be required. Multiple damage events will not be covered by this policy (i.e. more than 2 damages in one year or any device neglect). 

We highly recommend parents take advantage of this opportunity. The Protection Plan fee is $20. To sign up for the protection plan parents can: 


Send a check (made payable to the Flemington-Raritan Board of Education) with this form (English Form/

En Español) with your child during the first month of school and have them give it to their Homeroom teacher. 

Use our online payment system PaySchoolsCentral.com.

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